Welcome to our weekly Chocolate Blog!

Welcome to our first ever post!

It will be a weekly blog, and we hope we can all share great reads, times, and chats.

Song of the day: Angeles- Elliot Smith

Weather: Sunny, it looks like it will get hot. Still, don’t keep your chocolate in the fridge! (It’s better off melting, than tasting like your onions).

Quote of the day: If someone doesn’t knock, build a door.

Book of the week: Expectation, written by Anne Hope. (Must read!) Shall we do a Book Club?

If you have landed here, we assume you are a chocolate lover, a blog reader, or one of our clients. Either way, Hello, and thank you for reading.

Let me quickly introduce me to you: I’m Be Chocolat, a chocolate shop in Brighton where we handmade our products in front of our customers. We are a family business, the renowned Maitre Chocolatier Michel Clement and his wife Titus opened their first Be Chocolat in Bali, where they moved to retire after many years owning a worldwide chocolate company. After a little while in the island of gods, they got bored, and they created me, Be Chocolat, a place where we can see the reaction of the customer when they try our chocolate, live. Two years after they moved to Bali, their daughter, Gina, was visiting for Christmas and she met a lovely Welsh man called James Sutton, they fell in love two minutes later, he took her to Brighton. After a couple of months in Brighton, James and Gina flew to Bali to talk to Michel and Titus, as they believed their little Bali shop would be great in Brighton.

Michel trained James, and Titus taught Gina. They came to help Gina and James for the opening and guess what? They loved Brighton so much they stayed here.

Something you should know about me:

1. I’m 100% handmade

2. I’m recyclable and

3. We have Vegan Options and Sugar-free chocolate

4. We are plastic-free

5. Our Cherry Liqueur, Fresh Truffle, our chocolate spread and Ginger Truffle have the Great Taste Award.

6. We have opened in Selfridges the largest Vegan chocolate counter in the Uk.

If you would like to get to know us a little more in detail, please go to:

Let’s get started...

I’m not going to write about the extraordinary times we are living in as we all already know that, instead, let’s talk about chocolate! Yum, Yum, Yum.

If you are new in our Be Chocolat community, let me quickly tell you that we strictly never use Palm-Oil. You may be familiar with the fact that Palm Oil afflicts humans and the environment. Over the last two decades, the plantation sector has laid waste to Indonesia’s forests and peatlands. Millions of hectares have been destroyed for pulp and oil palm concessions at great cost to wildlife, the climate, and people.

Indonesia is burning. The California fires in November 2018 were more severe than ever, and yet – the amount of forest that was lost in the combined fires makes up only a fraction of Indonesian forest that is burned every year in slash-and-burn practices to clear palm oil plantations. In 2015 alone, the area of Indonesian forest burned was more than 26 times greater than in California in 2018. This frenetic pace of deforestation is slashing Orangutan habitat, rendering their homes charred and uninhabitable for those lucky enough to escape the fires.

Why do most celebrated chocolate brands use palm oil in their chocolate?

Well, Palm oil gives a shiny and smooth appearance. I’m not going to name the brands, but the more expensive a chocolate brand is, the less likely they are using Palm Oil.

At Be Chocolat we purely use Cocoa Butter, which is the OIL extracted from the Cocoa bean, a way more expensive process.

Let’s remember that most of the products we consume, from biscuits to toothpaste they will contain Palm Oil, if you are willing to try a Palm Oil free lifestyle, it will be challenging, but you can.

Well, that was... fun?

A quick reminder that you can place your order online for pick up in-store or have it delivered to your door.

Our chocolate family wishes to hug you and share a good talk with you very soon, in the meantime, stay safe and eat your chocolate!.

Be Chocolat Brighton,



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