Monthly Chocolate Interview!

Song of the day: Sons of the East- Into the Sun.

Weather: Still Sunny, it looks like it will get hot. I insist, don’t keep your chocolate in the fridge! (It’s better off melting, than tasting like your onions).

Quote of the day: There is nothing better than a friend, unless there is a friend with chocolate.

Book of the week: Normal People by Sally Rooney. I still feel like we should definitely have a book club.

Hello everyone!

How was your week? Are you feeling Meh, Meeh, or.. MehMeh? Let me introduce you to our Monthly Chocolate Interview, if you'd like to take part in it, keep an eye on our social media or as if you are selected to answer our chocolate interview in exchange you get a box of our chocolates!

Well, some good news is we are opening again on the 15th of June! We can't wait to see you all. As you may already be aware, we have taken measures into place as the health and safety of you all and our team is our number one priority.

But we will update you with this from next week.

So.. here is our first ever Monthly Chocolate Interview! If you like what you read, there is a little heart waiting to be clicked on!

What’s your name?

My name is Jo Dickson

Where are you from?

I live in a tiny hamlet between Cirencester & Cheltenham.

You can take two things to a desert island, one it is chocolate. What’s the other?

Two items I’d take to a desert island, Be Chocolat & a cow, can’t beat a glass of milk with your choc.

If you could be any chocolate at Be Chocolat.. which one would you be? And most importantly… Why?

If I could be any Be Chocolat it would probably be the ginger in dark chocolate, it suits my nature perfectly, spicy with a velvety soft coating. (Caused by eating too much chocolate obviously)!!

Date night at the cinema.

Date night would actually be with Be Chocolat, no person required thanks! And perhaps a nice Chianti.

Dark Chocolate with Strawberries or White Chocolate with lemon?

Now why would you make me choose obviously I’d go halfies and take both!!

What is your favourite thing about Be Chocolat?

My favourite thing about Be Chocolat is that when I visit it means I am with my family in Brighton and that is always a treat. (The Be Chocolat is usually bought by me, for me to take home and savour in my own sweet time).

A flower bouquet or a box of Be Chocolat chocolates?

Now I do love a beautiful bouquet of flowers but ya can’t eat them! Chocs win hands down but here’s an idea... a Be Chocolat flower bouquet!

How did you discover Be Chocolat?

My niece Marianne introduced me to my first ever taste when she bought me a HUGE box for Christmas one year. Then after I’d had the pleasure of tasting them I begged her to show me where she’d bought them and on my next Brighton visit and she showed me into your heavenly abode.

When you think of Be Chocolat.. what’s the first adjective to cross your mind?


And the last one... Describe your first experience at Be Chocolat.

My experiences in Be Chocolat have always been delightful. The staff are always happy to help with putting boxes together and nothing is ever too much trouble. The one to one service is special and individual. Just love you guys, thank you! Xx

That's all everyone, don't forget to share/like our blog and see you very soon!

Thank you and don't forget to eat your chocolates.


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