Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Can you deliver corporate orders to multiple addresses? Woop Woop! Yes we can. And we love it. Please send us an email to and Gina will organize everything for you! 

  • How do I add my gift message to my order? What's a chocolate box without a message? Before you check out you'll find the option " Notes" that's for you to add anything you would like us to know: a gift message, a love letter, or simply any of your favorite chocolates! 

  • Is your chocolate Gluten-Free? All our chocolates are Gluten-Free, except for our best seller crunchy waffle! If this is for an allergy, please be aware that we do take a lot of care with cross-contamination, however we handmade everything in the same spot.

  • Do you have Vegan Chocolate? Well, hello? Yes, of course, we have! Any of our chocolate boxes can be made Vegan, just select " Vegan option" when choosing your box.

  • How long do your chocolates last? Never place our chocolates in the fridge, humidity it's a chocolate killer! Place them in a dark, dry, and cool place and they should last up to three months. Will they though?

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